Customer – centered!

The sole objective of LULL is to assist customers in handling shipments of their imports and exports in a timely, cost effective and less risky manner.

How we achieve this!

Providing quality, competitive services measured in terms of prices and rates to our customers.
All time communication with your suppliers, yourself and other industry players to keep updated with real time information.

We make sure sets of quality standards are implemented to meet customer expectations; and these are reviewed periodically to maintain performance.

Free advice on how to improve efficiencies and opportunities by auditing every customer’s shipment files.
We work with our customers to eliminate weaknesses highlighted during joint review process.
Control costs / rates as much as possible.

Providing up-to date information and advice regarding exportation / importation of the cargo.
Love Uganda Logistics as your trusted agent will come to check your products and develop an appropriate tariff data base (way easier than always having to explain to someone what it is that you are importing or having your cargo incorrectly cleared attracting unnecessary duty rates and customs attention).